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A tale of two floors

By brian.cope - Posted on 16 November 2012

Inspired by the title of this write-up of last weekend's Remembrance Day parades, it occurred to me that the current work at the Aquativity Centre is "A tale of two floors".
I know the photos in this post are not the best quality - it was the best I could do during a working party well after dark last night.

The volunteers (parents and leaders of Eling Sea Scouts) are continuing to work downstairs at a series of working parties on Thursday evenings.  We are busy insulating, wiring and boarding walls and ceilings.  Yesterday, for example, we plaster boarded walls in a meeting room following the first fix electrics going in these, we completed the insulation and first layer of plaster boarding for the dry store ceiling, and we fixed up various pieces of sterling board in the entrance hall.  The lights in the boat store are in and working, which makes a huge difference to the feel of the place.

Meanwhile, we've hired a team of professionals to come in and take on the bigger work upstairs.  Scaffolding is going in next week to enable them to insulate and board the ceiling of the main hall, as well as letting the electricians put in the wiring for permanent lighting.  Many of the materials for this work have been delivered, so there are sheets of insulation all over the building.  Joists have been put in for additional ceilings where we want to create storage areas.

With a team working full time on the first floor, we will see very rapid progress compared to our more steady pace downstairs.  This is a deliberate policy and to an extent a change in policy from our earlier concentration on the boat store; we are now focused on getting the main first floor hall open so the Sea Scouts can move in and start to use the building.  We do want to keep moving forward in all areas, hence the ongoing volunteer work on the ground floor, but the paid help for the main hall will really accelerate the project.